Golden Star Customer Data Policy

This policy defines the types of customer data Golden Star records, and for what reasons such data is recorded.

In order to process customer orders, Golden Star utilises an Electronic Point of Sale system (EPOS) which has the capability of storing customer data for the purposes of efficiency, particularly with regards to repeat orders.

Customer data will only be entered into the EPOS system in the following circumstances:

  1. Due to a telephone order where, at minimum, a name must be given (for deliveries or collections).

  2. Due to in-store orders that may also require a name (for later collection).

For telephone orders, the following information may be requested:

  1. Name of customer (at minimum).

  2. Telephone number (for both collections and deliveries).

  3. Address (for deliveries).

Bank card details are not stored in the EPOS system; Golden Star does not store such details in any event as card payments are processed at the time of order.

Under no circumstances does Golden Star share, distribute or sell to marketers customer details.

The EPOS system is a closed system that has no connection to the internet; it is password protected and accessible only to Golden Star management and staff.

EPOS is not a banking system, and as such can not be utilised to request or transfer money from any bank account. All financial transactions are made using a separate Process Data Quickly (PDQ) device (provided by the bank), and are done so as the order is taken.

Should the need arise to enter customer details into the EPOS system, customers shall be notified and asked if Golden Star may retain their details for convenience should a future order be made.

Customers may refuse to allow their details to be stored; in such cases any details that have been recorded shall be deleted from the EPOS system within 24 hours.

Every customer has the right request any details that Golden Star has recorded on them. Such requests should be made to the management and will be processed as soon as possible.

Copies of this policy are also available to customers upon request.

May 2018